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MK10 Ejection Seat

Mk10 Ejection Seat
MK10 Ejection Seat

The Mk.10 seat is designed in four main units, catapult, main beam structure, seat bucket and parachute assembly. This greatly simplifies and speeds maintenance or cockpit access. The seat bucket can be rapidly removed to provide full access to the equipment in the cockpit without disarming or removing the seat main structure or aircraft canopy. In a similar way the seat can be rapidly installed or removed by assembly or disassembly of the main units in the aircraft.

As the aircraft canopy is not removed, valuable maintenance time is saved.

The overall size footprint of the MK.10 seat has been tailored to suit a large number of aircraft installations. This design envelope flexibility enables the seat to be perfectly matched to any existing or future cockpit space limitations without adversely affecting the primary design operation of the seat.


  • Operating ceiling: 50 000 ft (15,250 m)
  • Minimum height/speed: Zero/zero in near level attitude
  • Crew boarding mass range: 69.2 – 112.2 kg
  • Crew size range: 3rd to 99th percentile, as defined in Survey of 2000 Royal Air Force Aircrew 1970/1971
  • Maximum Speed for ejection: 630 KIAS
  • Parachute type: GQ Type 1000 Mk 2
  • Parachute deployment : Drogue assisted
  • Drogue parachute type: 5 ft and 22 in.
  • Drogue deployment Drogue gun. Initiated by trip rod
  • Harness type: Integrated
  • Ejection seat operation type: Ejection gun and multi-tube rocket pack
  • Ejection gun: Single, two stage
  • Gun stroke length: 72 in.
  • Ejection initiation: Handle on seat pan initiates gas operated seat firing system
  • Barostatic time-release unit: Yes + g-restrictor. Initiated by trip rod
  • Manual override handle: Yes
  • Seat adjustment: Up/down Actuator operated 28 Vdc
  • Leg restraints: Yes, two garters
  • Oxygen supply
    • Bottled emergency oxygen
    • Main oxygen system connection
  • Personal survival pack: Yes, landscale Liferaft option available
  • Aircrew services Personal Equipment Connector
    • main oxygen
    • back-up oxygen
    • emergency oxygen
    • mic/tel
    • anti-g suit supply
  • Command ejection: Yes
  • Miniature detonating cord: Yes
  • Interseat sequencing system: Yes, through command delay breech unit

Fitted in:

Super TucanoSuper Tucano
Casa 101Casa 101

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